Storyboards/Animatic – Water Cycle Project


The screen captures below demonstrate the direction I am taking with the visual elements. The sphere will be the focal point of the video. It is a simplified drop, a container for water, a representation of the earth, the sun and with careful planning offer seamless transitions between scenes. At one point the animation will illustrate three properties of water — liquid, solid, gas — and will use the sphere to demonstrate the molecular structure.

I am using the shape tween to transition between each outline and considering ways to demonstrate the amount of water used. For example, the body fills up 2/3 of way to demonstrate body composition. And one water bottle becomes three. 80,000 gallons to produce a car is more challenging! Also this number is questionable — finding reliable sources is challenging.

Next steps will definitely involve thinking through text animation…

The sphere will also be useful to describe the covalent bonding structure of water as in the graphic below.Covalent bonds -- H2O

Animatic:” target=”_blank”>Water Cycle Animatic

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