Animation Scenes 1-15

November 23, 2015” target=”_blank”>Water Cycle

November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving break: Finding time in the early morning hours to work out the details of the “face breathing sequence.” Black lines gave the face more personality but is inconsistent with the white and grey scale lines of my other assets (line to water, line to peaks/ice, line to gas). Working through this required a reconsideration of the color palette. Such as when and where should the colors reverse. How many colors should I use?

To change the lines to white, I duplicated my symbols in flash and changed the duplicates to white.  Unfortunately I lost a lot of personality in the face when I changed to white lines. The contrast with the background colors wasn’t strong enough and the negative space was too strong of a contrast.

I experimented with my symbols exchanging, brown and green in the negative space, which ultimately provided much more personality.

Here is the result:


water cycle version 15.11.24


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