Final Iterations

The final iterations include changes to the breathing face, titles and backgrounds.

December 9, 2015

Add water and clouds to Scene 1 (created in after effects). New background, Scene 9, created in Illustrator. Addition of fill mask and text under Scenes 4-8. Revise globe with green and blue fill (photoshop), add closing text.


December 11, 2015

Changes to Scenes 13-14, “breathing face.” Globe now appears behind face. Hoping for connection between breathing and water as integral and essential for life on earth. Added wavy-water under Scenes 4-7 (After Effects). Added city background to Scene 16 (zoom in from cloud perspective to city as background.)

Another revision of scenes 13-14, “breathing face,” now with trees and moving city background integrated in layers with Flash. Scene 17, “return of water to earth, streams and oceans,” zoom into city view, but then cut to color matte background for scene 19 -20. Final scene now ending with “drink responsibly.”

Final Video:


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