APP ICON Iterations



CG logo 16hIn this revision I redesigned the “g” to heavier. I changed the red to coordinate with the web page colors. Second layer of C and G to give a shadow effect.CG logo 16jThis version is slightly tighter with no shadow and brighter gradient.
CG logo 16f

Here the RGB red is brighter. Without the shadow the letters have more pop.
CG Logo 14gIn this version I used the color scale background and used the clipping mask to create the letters. I layered the letters to create the shadow and interweaving.

CG logo 16e

CG logo 16e-3CG logo 16e-4CG logo 16e2

In these last three versions I created my own font and tried three variations on grey scale background.


CG App icon with Menlo “C” and Kefa “G” font; RGB and Cyan iterations

CG Logo 14e4_ menlo-kefaKefa font; RGB and Cyan iterations

CG Logo 14e3
Ink splash with Kefa and Menlo font; grey scale iterations
CG logo 3-19-15CInk splash with Kefa and Menlo font; RGB, Cyan iterationsCG logo 3-19-15B


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