The Elements of Graphic Design

“I fill up a place which may be better…when I have made it empty.” William Shakespeare

“Emptiness is an essential aspect of life. It is the unavoidable aspect of fullness, of busyness of activity…The most important step toward sensitizing yourself toward space is first seeing it” – The Elements of Graphic Design

Creating Space/Space is Emptiness

In yoga we practice creating space.  Space in the joints. In the mind. In the heart. In contrast to Alex White, I always thought of design as constructed space — rather than deconstructed space. In this text he talks about space like a yogi — as a process of elimination.

The Case Study on Graphics by Color Group encourages me to think about the deconstruction of  a webspace for a company dedicated to providing visual services.

The site must represent visuality.

It must demonstrate their expertise (in execution of graphic materials and  design).

 elements of grahphic design



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