Progress with 2D animation

Making progress using the tools in Flash Pro.

Finding it easier to manipulate symbols using Flash editing tools — creating most of the assets in Flash.

Began using flat shapes and symbols to illustrate the water cycle. Keeping the shapes simple allows me to experiment and explore the tools.

Also explored creating three-dimensional shapes with After Effects and creating an animation that looks like water. Considering using a text mask (with the water revealed) to give concise narrative information.

Considering how to integrate motion graphics into 2D animation project. The color palette is more muted and realistic. Perhaps moving away from the bright colors of my initial designs.

Working with grayscale lines to create minimal shapes that indicate water, rain, clouds, earth and other assets. Learning to use the shape tween effectively will be essential to successfully communicating the water cycle through this approach.

Storyboards are in process — they are extremely useful for thinking through the narrative.

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